About Us

Xchangepro is a fresh new Cryptocurrency exchange, set out on a mission to make the purchasing and spending of Crypto as easy as using your credit card!

Xchangepro recognized that one of the most time consuming parts of buying Cryptocurrency is the compliance process- verifying your identity with other exchanges takes hours and even days! That's just not good enough.

With Xchangepro's AI and live video agents all you need to do is just open an account and verify your identity without even needing to leave the comfort of your home! A live video agent will help you to verify your account in a matter of minutes through your computer or even smartphone!

Thanks to Xchangepro's extremely high security standards you, can enjoy the ease of purchasing Cryptocurrency without worrying about the security of your funds.

Xchangepro keeps 90% of all Cryptocurrency in a secure cold storage, while an additional 10% is kept in a secure online server so all order could be fulfilled ASAP while maintaining 90% of your coins off the greed and inaccessible to prying eyes! Xchangepro also separates all client and transactional data and actions from the actual stored Cryptocurrency, this way your stored Cryptocurrency is in the safest environment possible.

Xchangepro collects real-time quotes from numerous liquidity providers around the world to give you the best rate for purchasing, selling and exchanging Cryptocurrency.

Now you can purchase Cryptocurrency in less than 15 minutes- A to Z!

Xchangepro- It's time for (X)change!